Powering the Indonesian Economy

by driving financial inclusion for MSMEs and Individuals without sufficient access to useful and affordable financial products and services, in a responsible and sustainable way.

Who We Are

PT. Saison Modern Finance promotes financial inclusion by working with partners to provide financial products, solutions, and services to underserved customers who do not receive adequate financial support from traditional financial institutions.

We are part of Saison International, the international headquarters of all of the global businesses of Japan's Credit Saison, one of Japan’s largest lending companies with over 70 years of history. Credit Saison is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the company has evolved from a credit-card issuer to a diversified financial services provider with presence across five segments – payments, leasing, finance, real estate and entertainment.

PT. Saison Modern Finance is licensed and supervised by the Financial Services Authority. ⇀
Sustainable Growth

At Saison Indonesia, we collaborate with diverse organizations to deliver positive effects on people and the community, nurturing the environment and planet, now and for the future.


To become a "Neo Finance Company" that leads the market with creative innovation, mutual respect and customer satisfaction by fulfilling corporate social responsibility to meet the expectations of all stakeholders.


“Powering Indonesian Economy” by driving financial inclusion that empower MSMEs and Individuals who doesn’t have sufficient access to useful and affordable financial products and services with a responsible and sustainable way.

Direct Financing

We provide direct financing facilities to MSMEs through unsecured or secured business loans, working with anchor partners to serve our customers.

Channeling Financing

We conduct P2P lending and embedded finance by working closely with P2P providers, FinTechs and Platformers to support on customer acquisition, underwriting, banking operations, collections and customer service.

Investment Financing

The financing of capital goods and services needed for business & investment activities, expansion or relocation.

Working Capital Financing

The financing to meet expenditure needs that covers operations, payroll or any other short term expenses.

Multipurpose Financing

The financing of goods and/ or services needed by debtors for consumers, not for business purposes or productive activities.

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Licensed and supervised by the Financial Services Authority

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